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TrueImage™: Intuitive Management for your Smart Home or Office

Our TrueImage™ technology provides a photographic representation of the rooms in your house or office. So you can simply scroll to the room you want to manage and select the image of the appliance – such as lights, heating, window shades or AV equipment – you want to control.

Gone are the days of static icons of light bulbs or shades to represent services. With TrueImage™ Control, simply touch the actual light or shade in that room. Not only does the light in the room turn on, off or dim when the image of the light is pressed, but it also illuminates on the touch panel confirming the command.

Virtually any smart home technology can be controlled with TrueImage™ including window shades, heating and home theatre equipment.

How TrueImage™ Works

As part of the installation and configuration process, we load professionally shot images of each room of your home or office into the Savant control system.

One room can be selected as the default 'master' room. All the other rooms are shown in a scroll box across the bottom of the screen that can be scrolled left or right using iPhone/iPad-style 'gesturing'.

To manage any connected appliance in your house, select the desired room that appliance is in and simply touch the actual image of an appliance on the screen to control its functions.