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Smart Home Automation

Our Savant home automation and control solutions make it easy to control your multi-room audio and video, home or office security, intelligent lighting, climate control, home theatre and even your phone system from one central, easy-to-use system.

Using your iPad, iPhone, or Ipod Touch, or the On-Screen Display (OSD) on your HD TV you can create the right mood in your home with a touch of a button, dimming the lights, selecting your favourite music, setting the temperature or closing the blinds.

An Expandable, Reliable, Easy-to-use Automation Control System

Savant’s systems are based on Apple technology, letting you create a truly Smart Home using an automation system that is both reliable and flexible. Savant’s home automation platform easily connects to and manages multiple services and devices simultaneously. You not only get the benefit of being able to integrate your existing Apple products, like iPhones and iPads, into your home automation setup, but Savant’s platform also reflects the Apple ethos of clean, user-friendly design.

Savant gives you the confidence of a single, well-integrated system to control all aspects of your smart home environment. The components of the Control System are fully compatible and expandable across the range, so if your needs change you can upgrade your solution without needing to replace components.

The Savant home control system is tailored to your home. The innovative TrueImage display means that instead of a cryptic control interface, you see interactive photos of the room on your control device that let you intuitively interact with your smart home system. You can even access and control your system when away from home by using an iPhone or iPad running Savant’s home automation application.

How it works