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Multi-Room Audio Visual

Savant’s multi-room control systems let you access and share your favourite music, TV and movies around the home or office.  Plug your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into an in-wall or tabletop media interface and the music and video stored on them instantly becomes available in all connected rooms. You can also share content from any connected AV devices - such DVD or Blu-ray players - or stored on the control system’s integrated iTunes digital media server.

Savant SmartSystems™ are available in a range of options, starting with the SmartAudio system that offer multi-room audio. As your needs grow, SmartAudio is fully compatible and expandable with our dedicated audio-visual Savant SmartSystems™ that add 1080p HD video switching. Both SmartAudio and the SmartSystems™ are available in a range of packages to suit smaller or larger home or office environments.

iPad, iPhone or TrueCommand™

You can use iPads or iPhones running Savant’s control application to intuitively access and control all the audio and video content sources connected into the system.

You can also expand your system with Savant’s revolutionary TrueCommand™.

Manage your Environment with TrueCommand™ on any HD Screen

Savant’s breakthrough TrueCommand™ technology provides an advanced and visually engaging way to navigate, browse and select your multimedia content directly on your HD TV.