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iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch controls

Providing you with an intelligent, intuitive user interface to your smart home or office is the key to ensuring you can manage all your connected devices easily.

Rather than forcing you to use unintuitive, proprietary remote controls or keypads, Savant has built the user-interface for its controller application using the ultimate in user-friendly devices - the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. If you already own one of these devices you'll appreciate how elegant and easy to operate they are. Savant leverages this user-friendly Apple technology to deliver a control system that's as intuitive to use as it is powerful.

Another advantage of using iPhones or iPads as a means of managing your home or office automation is that they're easily portable. Their built-in mobile and wireless connectivity means you can control your connected home or office from anywhere - even on the road. Imagine being able to turn on the spa from the office before you head home for the night.

Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch can also become part of your digital content delivery. Any content on a connected iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch can be accessed and played on any other connected device on your home or office network

Make your Apple Devices Part of the Furniture

Savant's range of elegant wall-mounted and table-top cradles provide a convenient way to store and charge your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch devices. Wall-mounted cradles can ensure that your iPad stays firmly fixed where you want it and prevents accidental damage.

They allow any content (music, videos, photos etc) from docked devices to be accessed by the other connected devices on your network. So now you can play back that song from the iPod in your kitchen through the speakers in your lounge - all without moving from your chair.

With Savant, an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch is both a controller for your smart home or office and a source of digital content for the other devices in your connected digital ecosystem.

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