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Easy Automation Control

Savant products are based on Apple technology - bringing Apple's famed ease of use to home and office automation. The global success of the iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and now iPad are testament to how easy and intuitive Apple products are to understand and operate.

We believe the key to creating a truly game-changing way to manage your home or business environment lies in providing a seamless integrated system that's easy to manage.

Home Automation Designed for Ease of Use

Other control systems divide your home or business into "zones" and force you to learn complicated interfaces in order to manage the devices they control. That's because they're designed by electrical engineers rather than companies that specialise in creating devices that anyone can pick up and use without studying a manual.

Savant's products are different. They're designed to be used by anyone. Rather than forcing you to use complex, proprietary systems to manage your technology we let you use the devices you're used to using every day - your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

Rather than forcing you to navigate confusing menus to control your technology, we offer an intuitive, simple way to manage all your connected devices.

TrueImage™ Visual Home or Office Control

Using our revolutionary TrueImage™ technology, you can manage every aspect of your environment using a photographic representation of your home or office.

Scroll to the photo of your lounge, touch the light you want to control and simply swipe to dim or turn it off.

See how easy TrueImage makes managing your smart home or office environment.


Savant On Screen Display

Any Connected Screen Becomes a Control Portal with Savant's TrueCommand™

Using our TrueCommand™ you can use any connected TV screen in your house or office to control any other connected device.

Just pop up the TrueCommand™, and select what you want to control.