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A Powerful, Flexible 'Nervous System' for your Smart Home or Office

Enabling the various appliances in your house or office to be connected into a seamless digital environment requires a powerful back-end control system that operates as the nervous system for your connected environment. It needs to be able to connect to a wide variety of different devices, from audio visual equipment to security cameras, lighting, heating and air-conditioning, and other technology. And it needs to be flexible and configurable so that it can change as your needs change and as you add new devices you want to control.

How Does it Work?

In effect, Savant SmartSystems™ act as a sophisticated switch allowing you to direct content from any of your connected AV content sources – such as audio and video players, amps and receivers, digital music servers (such as the built-in iTunes server), security cameras etc – to any of your connected 'destinations' – such as video screens, amplifiers and receivers and speakers.

In addition to providing sophisticated switching and routing of audio and video signals, they also provide a range of connections that enable them to connect to and control a wide variety of non-AV devices, such as:

  • heating and air-conditioning
  • lighting
  • door and window locks and openers
  • automated window shades, curtains and screens
  • pool or spa controls
  • energy monitoring

Savant Control Systems

Savant offers a broad range of control systems. All are based on a common underlying technology platform that is fully upgradable. This means you can start small with a system providing multi-room audio and controlling some of your other home or office devices, and upgrade to add multi-room video integration and support for connecting more devices later as your circumstances and needs dictate.


The SmartAudio is Savant's entry-level system. It allows you to connect up to six external music sources as well as providing eight internal media players – supporting streaming of eight channels of music simultaneously. Music can be distributed to eight separate 'zones' around your house or office – so you can have up to eight separate streams of music running simultaneously in the different areas.

In addition, the SmartAudio supports a range of connections (4 Serial, 6 IR, 3 Relay, 3 General Purpose IO) that allow it to connect to and control automation compatible devices such as heating, lighting, window shades, screens and door locks.

Systems Box

A Full Range of Smart Media Pro (Matrix Switching + Control)

Savant's System range of controllers provide support for video switching as well as a range of connection options for integrating the various devices you wish to manage:

  • SmartMediaPro 6: designed for the needs of a small to medium home with multi-room AV and moderate automation requirements
  • SmartMediaPro 12: designed for the needs of a medium to large home or small office environment with multi-room AV and more sophisticated automation requirements
  • SmartMediaPro 24 and SmartMediaPro 36: designed for the needs of a large to extremely large home or commercial implementations.

All systems – including the SmartAudio - are expandable by adding additional audio processing modules, or audio and video input and output modules based on the needs and complexity of your installations.

Audio and video switching, and audio processing features and capabilities are based on specific configurations and available by adding the appropriate optional modules.