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Manage your Home Environment with Savant’s Climate Control

With a Savant system you can adjust your house temperature from a single thermostat or control each room and zone from any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running Savant’s control application, whether you're in the home or office or out on the road.

Savant's climate control systems also offer you a number of ways to monitor and conserve the amount of energy you use on heating and cooling your home. You can set your system to use the time of day, the changing of seasons, the outside temperature, or any other triggering mechanism.

Climate Control

Environmental Control at your Fingertips

Your system can be as complex as you want, integrating a combination of multiple thermostats, remote temperature sensors, and motorised window shades to manage your energy costs.

Since lighting accounts for a significant portion of the energy costs, Savant's intelligent lighting controls give you total control over when, where and how your lights are used.

With Savant climate control you can turn on your central heating or activate your fireplace each morning or before you arrive home in the evening. You can even choose separate weekday and weekend times, or conveniently change the time on a day-to-day basis.