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Home and Business Automation Technology

We believe technology should make your life simpler, not more complex. It should be easy to automate and control your home or business environment without having to worry about learning the peculiarities of every piece of technology you use, and trying to work out how to operate multiple, confusing remote controls and keypads.

We deliver a system that hides the complexity of integrating all your audio-visual equipment, security systems, intelligent lighting, communications, climate-control systems and other technology into a single, seamless digital ecosystem - a fully automated smart home or office.

Powerful, Flexible and Easily Upgradable

All your connected devices can be simply controlled from wherever you are, using an intuitive device such as an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Creating this fully connected environment requires a powerful, flexible system that can integrate with, and manage, a wide variety of electronic technology. Savant SmartSystems™ deliver this power. They form the digital backbone of your system allowing you to:

  • Manage audio and video content from a wide variety of AV equipment  and make it available to all your connected devices. So, for example, you can turn on the TV monitor in your bedroom, and have it playback music from an iPod sitting in your kitchen or video from the Blu-ray DVD player in your lounge.
  • Manage all your connected devices from anywhere using a smart, intuitive application running on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, or using the TrueCommand™ (on-screen display) on any connected TV/video panel.
  • Integrate new devices and technologies with your existing system without requiring technicians or electricians spending hours onsite reconfiguring your system. Our team can update and reconfigure your system easily and remotely.

Savant's control systems are compatible with thousands of electronic appliances from hundreds of vendors. Which means we can integrate your existing devices today and add any future additions or upgrades to your equipment easily in the future.